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First, I would like to introduce myself…


My Name is Jon A. Underwood.


My Friends call me RHINO!


I was born in Portland, Oregon in 1959 and I am a US Citizen. I am a Eagle Scout, (class of 1975)  I am a former Marine Reservist, a Former Staff Sergeant in the US Army Military Police Corps, and a Honorably Discharged Disabled “Cold War” Veteran, I am not a combat veteran, I have never said I was and I will never claim that honor!


I am a retired US Customs and Border Protection Officer with 15 Years of actual Border Law Enforcement Experience. I was retired with 30 Plus years of Active Federal Service to the United States, due to an on-duty injury.


I am a Republican and very conservative in spending and a person that will not change in my views when it comes to this Country, This State and my principles.


I believe the following:


I believe in the United States of America, It's Founding Fathers and the US Constitution, all of it, it is the foundation of our Great nation and all its laws. It is not a "living Document" it is still viable as it has been changed only 27 times since it's freedom inspired creation. 


I believe the United States is special. And our people, all of them, make us special.


We are not just a normal country but a Blessed Country by G-OD above.


I believe we are a nation of Laws and a civil society.


I believe that we as a people should tell the truth, be honest and respectful with each other.


I believe we all should follow the law and elect our representatives after careful consideration. I believe All United States Citizens should vote, “EVERY TIME!”


I believe we must have respectful discourse with each other regardless of our political or religious beliefs, as long as these beliefs do not cause intimidation, violence, destruction, injury or death to others.


I believe in Marriage. I believe that Marriage is between a Man and a Woman. I believe if you are married, then you are married and that means “hands off” anyone else.


I believe as a country we should be spending money as required, not as we wish. I believe we should never have a bill that is over 100 pages and in everyday English, not legalese. I also believe in simple, expressive written examples of the effect of the law.


I believe that a law that is created should not have other laws attached to it to get that “other” law passed along with the intended purpose of the legislation.  If the “other” law is worthy, it should pass on its own merits, without gifts, inducements or yes, “bribes”.


I believe in Limited Government and personal responsibility for your own actions.  I believe in the “bill of rights”. I believe that if you are committing a criminal act and you get hurt, you can’t sue anyone or benefit from your crime. I believe if you murder someone, you should never see the light of day again, you are a danger to society and you should receive no bail and no parole. If you kill more than 1 person or a child, you should be executed. Child predators should be placed on life time probation and a second violation should mean a life sentence. If a child is killed, only sentence should be execution. I believe that the local authority should register the child predator prior to his release from prison, not relying on the predator to register on his own. I also believe that they should be released from prison into a secured living facility for at least 2 years while undergoing counseling and housing area inspection at anytime. If they violate the rules of their release from prison, they go back for a minimum of 5 years.


I believe in the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. I believe it is not just for sport shooting, hunting or personal protection but also to insure that EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN has the capability to protect themselves from a non-representative and oppressive government. Without the 2nd Amendment, our Republic will no longer be a free state., without the 2nd Amendment, Only the Police and the Military will have firearms and that is a POLICE STATE!


I believe in a strong fence on the Smart Border with active patrol by armed, US Soldiers under the leadership of their Commissioned Officers and NCO’s with authority to detain anyone crossing the border in any place other than the authorized border crossings. These military units are in effect training in patrol and small unit tactics. These units should be deployed in such a manner to insure that they are supported by aviation assets as required. These units should also be authorized to use deadly force to protect their personnel and the security of the National Border. They should transfer custody of any detained person to the CBP Border Patrol for any legal action required under law.


I believe that there is no such thing as “Illegal Immigration”. Immigration is a legal process and entering the US without legal authority is a crime. We don’t have an “Illegal Immigration” problem; we have a problem with crime!


I believe that no one, who is here in the United States without legal authority, should be allowed housing, food, and support in any manner whatsoever.


I do believe in a “onetime amnesty” for any business that comes clean on their hiring of illegal aliens to include identifying them for arrest and deportation. Should the company hire Illegal Aliens again, their business license should be revoked for 3 years.


I believe in Immigration into the US as it makes us a better, stronger country. 


I believe any adult who enters the US without authority is a criminal, regardless if they work on our cars, rob or steal, drive drunk, cut our grass, pick our lettuce, cook our food or wash our clothes!


I believe that no child born of an illegal alien should have US Citizenship upon birth. They should be a Citizen of the country of the Mother. I believe the 14th Amendment should be “adjusted” to support that.


I believe any person, any corporation; any company that knowingly hires an illegal alien should be fined $10,000.00, per violation.


I believe that they should spend 10 days in Jail, per violation. So, if a company hires ten (10) illegal aliens, then the person owes $100,000.00 and 100 days in jail. That’s the person(s) that hired them. That will put an end to IA’s having jobs and that will stop IA’s from coming here in the first place. They should also be fired from their jobs and not allowed to be rehired after their sentence is completed.


I also believe that goes for any housing arrangements as well. If you house an illegal alien, you have abetted a crime. You should pay a $10,000.00 fine and 30 days in jail, per violation. That will put an end to IA’s having a place to stay and will stop them from coming here in the first place. If they have no place to stay and no job, why come here?


I believe that we need a complete review of all voting registrations and a new system of verification to insure that every vote is a vote from a US Citizen and not a person with fraudulent identification. The new Passport Card is ideal. It is also the easiest ID to use crossing the US Border. Our very electoral system is at risk without voter verification. In the Last Election for President, Barack Obama had approximately 9,500,000 votes more than Senator McCain. Only 3,000,000 more votes than Governor Romney. Estimates show there are approximately 12-15 million Illegal Aliens in the country..... How sure are you now that only US Citizens voted for Barack Obama?


I believe in a “guest worker” program that is not given by the government but earned by the guest worker. If a person wants to enter the US to work, they should invest $500.00 to do so in a bond due when they enter after being authorized to do so. This money would be refunded upon return of the worker after completion of their temporary work in the US. The guest worker would receive an ID and turn in the ID when they receive the $500.00 bond. No ID, no $500.00. And no further entry into the US. After working in the US for 5 years, following the rules and not being involved in criminal activities, then the worker may retain the card and enter the US for work as they wish, this document does not replace a permanent resident alien card.


I believe in the US Veteran. I believe that the Veteran has a right to QUALITY life time support for injuries sustained in service. I believe that the Veteran should not have to pay “one thin dime” for books, lab fees or tuition after discharge to attend college and should receive free housing and food for the period of his schooling at the institution. (The government should pay the institution directly, not through the veteran)


I believe that the Veteran should be paid and additional $1500.00 a month for financial responsibilities during his attendance in school. In That way, the vet does not have to work to pay for personal needs during attendance in college so they can concentrate on their schooling.  I believe that a Veteran and his family should receive TRI-CARE for the period that the vet is attending college.  




I do not believe that the United States owes anyone an apology, anywhere in the world.


I do not believe that we should be more like other nations, but we should be more like the country the founding fathers envisioned: G-OD fearing, hard working people with a drive for self reliance and personal responsibility living in a civil society.


I do not believe that “it takes a village”, I believe “it takes a family” who spends time together, caring for each other.


I do not believe that “separation of church and state” means “G-odless People in government”. A person with a religious background, will be a person with a moral code of conduct and will be a better government employee or Representative of the people.


I do not believe that the public should pay through taxation or through any government program, for any candidate to run for public office. I do not believe that if a person is running for a state position, that the candidate should be allowed to use “out of state” money. I do not believe that Union money, paid from employee paychecks, should be used for political purposes whatsoever!


I do not believe that any person should earn a retirement for being a “career politician”. Only the President and Vice President of the United States should receive a life time annuity. Service to the Country and the People should be the prime motivator for anyone to hold a public office. 


I do not believe that elected officials should  be able to separate themselves from public law and that they should only be able to raise their pay and benefits after a vote authorizing them to do so by the American People.


I do not believe that if you don’t support "comprehensive immigration reform”, which institutes amnesty for criminals, or, you want Illegal aliens out of the country, that you are some sort of RACIST! Because you are not!


I do not believe in any form of personal amnesty for any illegal alien, regardless of race or nationality. This entire situation is simple, either you follow the law and immigrate within the law, or you act outside the law and you are a criminal.


There is no other option, either you support the law or you support violating the Law. It is your choice!


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