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I have a suggestion that might make things operate better.  Let’s consider the following:




This is "not" an amnesty, it is a probation period to have the person “prove” by their deeds, their worthiness to become US Citizens.

          All persons that are not authorized to reside in the US as of January 1, 2013, and have been residing in the US for at least 2 years (documented), may continue to do so without threat of arrest.

                      Note: This section "prevents" new illegal’s FROM ENTERING the US to take advantage of the program. 

         Businesses that hired illegal workers, affected by this probation period,  shall be assessed a 5% additional charge on their state corporate taxes to clear the business for all past violations of the employment laws for the 5 year probation period. A bulk Payment may be made as well.

          Said business shall insure that they follow the law on any further hiring and that any future worker and those workers currently employed, must receive at the very least the “minimum wage” for the locality and State in question. This will help to stop “underground or black market” employment and the mistreatment of workers due to their illegal status.  

            Any further violation BY THE BUSINESS OWNER OR HIS REPRESENTATIVE shall result in their arrest and imprisonment of the employer for NLT 1 Calendar year. Additionally, the business license of the company that hired the illegal workers shall be cancelled.

          All Persons enrolled in this “IMMIGRATION PROBATION STATUS” plan must: (violation shall result in immediate deportation)



The plan identifies persons that are currently not identified.

Establishes a mechanism to “legalize” persons that are currently “living off the grid”.

Provides for the millions of persons that are not paying taxes, to begin doing so.

Limits the “Black Market” in human trafficking of persons wishing to live and work in the United States.

Allows the former “illegal” to enter into American society and partake in all its benefits without fear.

Insures that the former transgressions are “paid for” and allows the community in question to truly become part of American Society.

Does not grant a “blanket amnesty”, but creates a manner that the person can prove, by their future deeds and conduct, that they are willing to become an integral part of American Society.

Provides for the immediate deportation of persons who have entered the program, given a chance to remain in the US, yet violated the program's requirements.

Insures that workers who are mistreated and underpaid for their work, due to their illegal immigration status, are no longer abused by unscrupulous employers or organizations. Allows the person the protections provided by law.

Increases Federal and State revenues to replace those funds expended for supporting those persons, not paying taxes for the services they receive.

Accurately provides an accounting of the community in question so that adequate resources can be provided using the newly received tax revenues.

Insures that those that applied for a legal entry into the US and are waiting in their respective countries for authorization to do so are not disregarded for following the law by those that did not do so.

Any individual that does not meet these requirements shall be detained by any contact with city, county, state and Federal authorities. Federal authorities shall be called and the person shall be released to ICE or CBP Border Patrol Personnel. 

All future violators, after January 1st, 2013, shall be detained, not released, upon determination of their illegal status and shall be deported at the earliest opportunity.

These ideas will insure that those persons that violated our laws do not receive an “Amnesty” for their actions but shall “pay” for their transgressions against the laws of the United States.

These actions allow those that have applied to legally enter the US and those that have already applied for US Citizenship to receive their status far sooner than those under this “probation period” plan.

Once the person is “off the 5 year probation” without violation, This plan provides an avenue for them to apply in the normal manner for US Citizenship, granting them full ownership of their lives.

By identifying and removing their false identity from the voter registration rosters, this will strengthen the security of the American electoral process, making sure that only WE AMERICANS, determine our future leaders.

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