Yuma's 2nd Amendment Defense Center

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It is the stated policy of Rhino Arms LLC of Yuma, Arizona, that this company shall not sell any products to any Federal, State, County or Municipal Government that has taken steps to restrict those same firearms formats, ammunition and high capacity magazines, from the possession of their citizens! This Policy has no exception!


We are a Yuma Arizona based corporation.

We have been licensed (FFL07) by the Federal Government to manufacture, buy and sell firearms. Rhino Arms also has a Arizona State retail license.

We are here to provide service to those who support the Second Amendment (2A) to the Constitution of the United States of America.

 If you don’t support the Second Amendment (2A), and you feel that only the Police and the Military should have firearms, (which would mean you would actually want to live in a Police State????) you’re definitely at the wrong place. However, with this in mind, I would like to suggest the following:

It is better to have a weapon and the training needed to maximize it's safe use and not need it, than to need a weapon and not have it!

Also, for those of you with no background in weapons, arrangements can be made for firearms training to include the steps required to receive your Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit.

Rhino Arms maintains a 100% controlled information policy, in that we do not rent, sell or give out any personal information about any of our customers. We also have 2 Suppressors, 1, in 5.56 MM and 1, in 9mm, for sale through Form 4 transactions.

Rhino Arms will facilitate transfers from other FFL Holders for the convenience
of the customer.

All Weapons: $50.00

A restocking fee for DENIED transfers by NICS is 30%, Storage fees for denied transfers
is $5.00 daily.

Please let us know "you're needs", as we are here to serve "
you're needs” not the other way around.

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